Embarcadero Database Tools In Action with ER/Studio XE

24 Октомври 2010

Web Seminar за новият продукт ER/Studio XE

24, November 2010

01:00 PM (CET)

Join Mark Barringer, Embarcadero’s Software Consultant for an in-depth look at newly released ER/Studio XE. Mark takes a look at the new features in ER/Studio XE including demonstrating how  XE offers increased support for DW data structures, how to use the improved impact analysis and more..

Embarcadero’s ER/Studio XE now offers the most collaborative way for data management professionals to build and maintain enterprise-scale databases and data warehouses. Built-in facilities automate routine modeling tasks so users can analyze and optimize databases and data warehouse structures faster and easier. With an improved and more scalable server-side repository for model management, ER/Studio XE introduces the most productive way to share, document and publish models and metadata to distributed teams.
With ER/Studio XE, you can:

  • Diagnose and understand the impact of changes more effectively with “where used,” data lineage, enterprise data dictionary and “compare and merge” technologies.
  • Promote data reuse and collaboration in real-time through effective enterprise model management and metadata publication capabilities.
  • Enhance visibility and information quality across enterprise systems with round-trip engineering and complete database lifecycle support.
  • Effectively communicate models across the enterprise with real-time metadata reporting and publishing tools.
  • Centralize license management and tool deployment with Embarcadero ToolCloud



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