InterBase XE3

InterBase XE3

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InterBase XE is a high-performance, easy-to-install, full-featured database that has been proven in thousands of business-critical server, desktop, and embedded applications. InterBase provides you with a resilient, lightweight, low-cost database platform for data management.

InterBase XE offers database and application development professionals with powerful benefits:

·         High performance and scalable database technology essential to run mission critical applications

·         Maximum data security to protect sensitive data

o    Column-level encryption

o    Database-level encryption

o    Over-the-Wire encryption

·         Easily deployable with a small footprint that supports heterogeneous O/S connectivity for Windows®, Linux, Solaris™, and Mac OS®X

·         Economically priced

InterBase has been proven in thousands of embedded, desktop, and server applications around the world. Various Editions and flexible licensing meet specific end customer, OEM, ISV & VAR requirements

Centralized license management and tool deployment for InterBase is supported with Embarcadero ToolCloud

Ключови характеристики

·         High-performance, compact (3-4MB typical), and scalable with Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) for multi-core CPUs

·         Encryption supports either weak (DES) or strong (AES) encryption for high-security applications

·         Over-the-Wire (OTW) encryption that encrypts data between servers and clients using SSL

·         Automatic crash recovery with journaling file system

·         Near zero maintenance and low deployment costs

·         Simple installation with self-tuning engine to maximize database performance and availability for embedded, desktop, and server applications

·         Robust APIs for C/C++, ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, IBX (Delphi native components), dbExpress, plus third-party drivers for PHP, PERL, OleDB, Ruby, BDE, Python, and more

·         Online and incremental backups allow multiple mirrored copies of primary database for faster backup and read-only access

·         Multi-generational Architecture (MVCC) based data versioning engine for high performance

·         SQL 92 and ACID compliant

·         Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X support

·         Integrated with Embarcadero’s application development and database tools

Нови и подобрени функции:

  • Improved Security
    Stronger password protection with cryptographic hash function. InterBase XE also supports passwords up to 32 characters in length to comply with the most stringent security requirements.
  • Improved Scalability
    InterBase now has the ability to manage more data and larger databases
  • Features for Easier Development
    Support for Dynamic SQL in Stored Procedures.
  • Improved handling for large objects
    Optimized performance for large objects with Stream methods
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