ER/Studio® Business Architect

ER/Studio® Business Architect

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Embarcadero ER/Studio Business Architect is a process and conceptual modeling tool that enables architects to easily document business processes and how they access data. Bringing together the simplicity of a drawing tool with the rich semantics of the BPMN standard, business users can easily model the relationships between processes, people and data with ER/Studio Business Architect.

  • Business process modeling based on the BPMN standard
  • Conceptual modeling for top-down data architecture
  • Easily articulate business requirements
  • Pragmatic approach to enterprise architecture

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Need more than process and conceptual modeling? Upgrading to ER/Studio Enterprise provides you the same process modeling plus all the other tools needed to analyze, model and design your complex applications and databases . Learn more about ER/Studio Enterprise.

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Key Features:
  • Business process modeling with standard sequences, tasks, swimlane elements.
  • Support for high-level conceptual modeling with subject areas, business entities, relationships and other elements
  • Usage (CRUD) reporting to model business process and data objects
  • Powerful and intuitive interface with organizational hierarchies to easily organize information
  • Business artifact modeling
  • Based on the BPMN specification
  • Centralized license management and tool deployment with Embarcadero ToolCloud

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New in ER/Studio Business Architect


  • Combines Process and data modeling into one repository for centralized model collaboration
  • Real World Process Modeling


    • Clarify and document your core business concepts

    Expanding innovative features in ER/Studio Data Architect


  • Create simple, semantically rich business process models

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